Modernization of Production added: 2012-04-28 в (03:04)

During modernization of production at JSC “BKO”, the site for production of faced aluminosilicate (pitched) proppants of the following grades was put into service: BORPROP RCP R1- guaranteed consolidation (adhesion) at temperature from 90ºС and BORPROP RCP R2- guaranteed consolidation (adhesion) at temperature from 50ºС.

Aluminosilicate coherent proppants of BORPROP RCP R1 and BORPROP RCP R2 grades are intended for using in petroleum production by hydraulic fracturing method, which are able to be consolidated (cohered) in the packing under reservoir conditions (under operation conditions) and prevent carry-over of proppants from borehole by the products of petroleum production.

The production process (from the feeding of the initial components to obtaining marketable products) is fully automated and performed by one operator. Exclusion of the human factor ensures adherence to the process procedure and reception of products with a high degree of reproducibility of the specified characteristics.

The taken measures assume to reach the production level of proppants of BORPROP RCP R1 and BORPROP RCP R2 grades in amounts of 20 000 tonnes per year in 2012.

Besides, the specialists of JSC "BKO" in cooperation with JSC "Dzerzhinsk-NIIOGAZ" developed an original high-performance system for dry purification of flue gases from harmful solid and gaseous impurities with full oxidation of the last on the special catalyst.

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